Although his name is Zackary, he perfers to be called Zack. He is older sibling of Alicia Turns, who is 4 years younger than him. He shares a strong resemblance to her; bright blonde hair, slim frame, and brilliant green eyes. He grew up in the country side and helped his father in the fields

In his early teenage years he was sent to Siole, a very prosperous city. There he met an eternal friend; Talon Potmoor. Various years later, Zack was sent to the city and each time he was able to see Talon.

On his mother's direct wishes, he was sent to Siole with his sister Alicia so she could find a husband. His mission is to protect Alicia and help her sort through the bad and good men there.

In Siole, he decides that he needs to get a job. So he does, and he becomes the apprentice to a local blacksmith.

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