Siole [Sigh-o-lee], Nevin [Knee-vin

Siole is one of the largest, if not the most populated, cities in Nevin. Although it is not the capital, it has many people living there. There are two parts to it that are referred to as: The Outer, and The Inner.

It's surrounded by a massive stone wall that cannot ne broken down. The people that reside inside the wall are some politicians, and many guards. The city is enormous and stretches on in a wide circle.

Good people and visitors stay in The Outer portion as it's the safest place to be. On the inside of the city, it's run over by theives, assassins, and all sorts of people.

This city is visited by Alicia and Zack. Talon lives in The Outer with Alicia and Zack as his guests. Dylan lives in The Inner.

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