He is an assassin in The Inner part of Siole, Nevin. He is hired by various people who pay him richly for his work. He reveals nothing about his past or where he grew up. Dylan has only told his last name to a select few and nearly no one knows what his middle name is. He's 22, and still has a whole life ahead of him.

It has been assumed that he grew up in The Inner part of Siole and has never left, but he has yet to confirm those suspicions.

From his work, Dylan has received many scratches and scars. After one very nasty battle, he injures himself and finds himself at Alicia's 'hospital'. She recovers him there.

Dylan has a diagonal scar through his left eyebrow, and an awkward scar over his nose[which has been broken one or twice]. He's fairly strong and about 6 foot 2 inches. Long dark brown hair adorns his head and it is slicked back into a nice ponytail that rests against his back. His eyes are light blue with some specks of light grey.

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