Alicia Rose Turns was born in the country. She grew up working around the house, gardens, and with the animals. Her father and mother were both born in the country as well. Alicia has one sibling. Zack is 4 years older than her.

Her mother is set on her marrying before she becomes an old maid. In her mother's mind, an old maid is defined as someone who is not married by the age of nineteen. Because of her mother's beliefs, she was sent to Siole to find a husband. Alicia was seventeen at the time, just two years until she would be classified as an 'old maid'. Zack, her brother, was forced to go along with Alicia on her journey. That's because their mother decided Zack would be able to sort the good men from the bad men, and protect Alicia.

When they get to Siole, Zack meets up with his friend Talon. Alicia and Zack stay at Talon's residence.

Alicia is moved by the sight of a hurt child. This brings her to the field of doctoring. She is taken on as an apprentice nurse by a lady and begins to work at a lower class 'hospital'. It's really a large house that anyone in need can come to without having to worry about paying a bill. Although they do not charge money, they have few sponsers who are loyal to them and some paying customers.

While staying in Siole, Alicia becomes mixed up with an assassin named Dylan.

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